Lynda Fox is a new photographer but she is not new to observing and appreciating the beauty and visual excitement of the world around her. For Lynda, the many colors, contrasts and unique shapes found in nature provide visual messages worth capturing with her camera and sharing with others. Her growing portfolio of photos demonstrates her passion and appreciation for nature and landscape, for people, new places and diverse cultures.

Lynda travels extensively around the world for business and pleasure and has participated in many challenging and visually stimulating hiking adventures as well as photography trips with like-minded participants. Some of her favorite photographic locations include the United States National Parks, Canadian Rocky Mountains, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Israel, China and Peru.

While at university, Lynda had a black and white darkroom for many years where she learned the important lessons of exposure and composition as well as the goal of taking the best photo in-camera from the start rather than trying to fix it afterwards. When asked how she finds a great photo opportunity, Lynda follows a basic philosophy for each photo she takes:

"Lift up your eyes and take a moment to look around you. Beauty and inspiration are  waiting to be found, Let your camera follow your lead and your lens become an open window to the world.” – Lynda Fox

When not traveling, Lynda lives in San Diego, California.

You can reach Lynda HERE.

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